Dealership For Life was founded to create DEALER OWNED programs that allow dealers to not only BRAND their own program, but choose whether they want to self insure, reinsure or use a product warranty on any of their benefits. Dealership For Life administration can handle it all!

What Exactly is the Dealership For Life Program?

• NEW CULTURE – Total absorption with all dealership personnel and marketing

• DEALERSHIP BRANDING – Promotes your image to your market

• CUSTOMER RETENTION – Keeps your sales customer in-house for all service needs

• SALES TOOL – Adds value to the purchase of a vehicle

• UNIQUE TO YOUR MARKET – Personalized Program that sets dealerships apart

• CREATES LOYALTY – Customers earn rewards that are only redeemable for future services

• COMMUNICATION TOOL – Text, voice mail and email communication to your customers

What has been learned over the past 10 years is that if you give your customers a reason (rewards) to return to your store for all their servicing needs, your opportunity to sell them their next vehicle increases to over 85%.

What are you doing to retain your customers? Start your rewards program today and start retaining your customers.

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Jack Garrity

Vice President Sales BIO

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