Dealership for Life has been helping hundreds of dealerships across the country retain more customers every month with our customized marketing and retention programs that BRAND each dealership specifically!

What are you doing to retain your customers? Is your Service Department busy?

Stop by NADA Booth #6115 and see how your dealership can benefit from our full range of dealer branded retention and marketing products. Since introduced in 2004 DFL has become the leader in administering lifetime powertrain, lifetime engine, and rewards programs for dealers all over the US and Canada. Our process is designed around many of the best practices used in the loyalty business today. Some of which include, individual customer web sites, retention generated custom email campaigns, interactive customer mobile app, full DMS integration and monthly in-store sales/service training that is unmatched in the industry.

Dealership for Life is the most comprehensive marketing and loyalty program in the country. With territory exclusivity, DFL will provide the competitive edge over other dealers.

Enrolling over 30,000 new members for DFL Dealers each month and retaining an average of 80%. Over 2 Million since 2004!

“Our business has grown 320% in the last ten years due in large part to the loyalty and marketing programs designed by Dealership for Life. Their efforts and results have had a significant impact on every department in the dealership.” Chip Doetsch – President of Apple Ford Lincoln

“Now that we have been on the program for ten years, it works as advertised. Eight out of ten customers come back to our service department compared to three or four for the average dealer.” Ken Shreve – President of Hamilton Hyundai

“Loyalty always starts with a great experience. Give them a reason to buy and a reason to stay. When your staff is offering great customer service and following the processes in place, customers would have no reason to defer their business to anyone else!” Jack Garrity – DFL Partner

“With over 30 years of experience in the automotive customer service and repair industry, Hamilton Auto Group achieved sales to service customer retention at over 90%, making it ranked #11 in the nation” Rick Manring – DFL VP of Fixed Operations

Stop by NADA100 Booth #6115 and talk to Chip, Ken, Jack, Rick, and the rest of the industry leaders.

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