Social Media & Video Marketing

Dealership For Life can hand your dealership ready made video content that helps you market your rewards program using YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Twitter and connected TV.

Your Dealership – Your Brand

Think of DFL’s video content as an extension of your brand and fully complementary of your existing sales & service offers.

Optimized for YouTube, Instagram, TIK-TOK, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE And More

Go beyond Facebook and extend your brand’s awareness by reaching potential customers on Instagram, LinkedIN, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok among other social media channels.   

Reach cable cord-cutters with connected TV video

Reach the next generation of vehicle buyers by putting your fully branded video in front of cable cord-cutters with connected TV video content campaigns.

Your Dealership Can Be Native to Every Screen Size and Format

Dealership for Life can provide your dealership fully branded video content advertises your rewards program to new and existing in-market vehicle buying audiences.

Integrated with your DMS

Only Dealership For Life can effectively put your branded video content in front of your current customer base

Cost Effective Marketing

With DFL, you can put your dealer branded video content in front of your customer base.  Targeted ads to customers who’s leases are set to expire? Check. Service Lane customers? Check.

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