Everyone is trying to figure out what that is going to be as we prepare to tiptoe back into the water. There are many questions we need to address that we have never had to deal with. How do we convince our customers that it is safe to come to our Sales/Service/Parts departments? How do we set-up and control social distancing? Who should wear masks, and do we require them for employees and customers? What will the economic recovery look like in our industry? How do we protect everyone as we return to work? What methods do we employ to communicate with our customers? These and many other questions are part of the new unchartered territory we are facing. One thing is for sure, the new normal will be a paradigm shift from the old normal.

On the Sales side, technology has never been more important. Many dealerships have already moved to online selling, and the ones that have not will be doing so in short order. Some were already headed that way, but this was a giant shove in that direction and a major wake up call. Customers who were already more in tune with buying various products online are now buying food, meals, and just about everything else online. The new normal will include pickup and delivery of vehicles in both Sales and Service, and a lot more online shopping. Staying at home for two months has made this method of buying a lot easier and more acceptable as a way of life. For the customer who still wants to visit your store, the new normal mandates a safer, cleaner, and sterile environment. Our sales staff will need to be trained to be empathic with this new mindset of the customer who chooses to physically visit our stores.

In service, it will be imperative to inform the customer that the environment they are visiting has been disinfected/sanitized for their protection. Every time they bring their car in for service the car should be disinfected/sanitized before we return it to them. We should disinfect/sanitize all customer touch areas such as lounges, demos, and cashier stations. All the service advisors should wear a mask and distance themselves as much as practical. Not only will the customer feel more comfortable, but they will know you are concerned for their safety. The customer will demand this!

On the Sales side, we can provide a personal vehicle website for every customer in your database. You can target individual customers, upload videos, and have an online connection to reach out and help with all their automotive needs. There is no better method to get your new message across than using our digital marketing department to promote the changes you have made to ensure customer safety. With our mobile application, you can set up online selling, digital marketing, and even valet service. Dealership for Life has some of the best sales trainers in the business. We can help you develop a new process for the new normal and train your staff on how to implement it. On the Service side, we offer a disinfecting/sanitizing product that protects against the current virus and many other types of bacteria and mold in the vehicle. This can be applied in 5 to 10 minutes and for less than ninety cents per vehicle. It also meets all FDA and EPA standards. Using our service mobile application, you can pick-up and deliver vehicles to the customer with the click of a button, they can easily pay online, and you can send service specials directly to their phone in real-time.

There is one thing you can be sure of, whether it’s the new normal or the old normal, Dealership for Life will assist in every way possible to get the message to your loyal customers to help retain their business. Please let us know what your needs are and, as always, we will do everything in our power to help you meet them. Dealership for Life is the answer. Let us assist you in your move to the new normal.

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