There is a great opportunity for additional gross profits in your database.  One thing that we are assisting our dealer network with is to capitalize on capturing this “lost” business.  Other third parties are making a killing selling to your customers by acquiring public information on vehicle registrations and then selling them cheap and oftentimes, phony knockoffs of the products you offered at point of sale. It is way past time that we take back control of this market and offer our customers valid, valuable products at a reasonable price.  Your customer is best served when they do business with you.


Here is an example of a typical email that we can automatically send at a specific time after purchase.  We need to get to your customers before the vultures do.  The last paragraph is a way for dealers who have a rewards program to give the customer an incentive to check you out and purchase something.  This is just an example as we have many more.



Dear Valued Customer.  Now that you have purchased a new vehicle we feel it is our responsibility to warn you that you are about to be bombarded by Third Party Vendors who will attempt to sell you everything from an extended service contract, accessories, tires, wiper blades, and all types of services.  They sometimes represent themselves as “your dealer” or “manufacturer”.  They are not! Do not be fooled into believing that any of these offers reach the same value and commitment as the products and services we offer to our valued customers at a very competitive price.  We, as the dealer who you decided to purchase your vehicle from, have a vested interest in making sure you have products and services of the highest caliber.  Third Party Vendors only want your money! 


By your purchase you are automatically enrolled in our robust rewards program.  You earn points which can be redeemed towards the cost of any product or service we offer.  As a bonus, we are offering you 5,000 points just to review your options by clicking any of the links below.  If you decide to proceed with the acquisition of a product, know that you will be awarded 10 points for each dollar you spend.


Again, Thank you for your continued business and we look forward to maintaining your vehicle so that it gives you the enjoyment you expect.


Please allow us to design a customized campaign for you to capture this business.


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Roy Olive