Members website

Dealership for Life hands your customers a personal web interface to view their program activity, rewards, history, and dealer offers…all fully branded to your dealership.

*DFL’s white label websites offer several advantages to your dealership’s domain visiabilty and SEO strategy..

Branded program website

Provide your program members with an intuitive, optimized, and fully branded web site that customers can use to interface with your dealership’s rewards program. A must have for today’s technology savvy auto buyer.

full Member Account Management

Customer can edit preferences and interact with the Dealership’s social media profiles.

Mailbox and service history

Members can receive program notifications, emails, coupons, and review their program rewards and service history.

VIP Coupons and Sales offers

Offer members exclusive program rewards. 

Customer Agreement & Privacy policy

There is no better place for the customer to have 24/7 access to the program service agreement and privacy policy.