We’re a talkative bunch at our Dealership and the thing we really enjoy are conversations we have with our customers. Sports, weather, and yes – even automobiles. Over the years’ we’ve paid attention and even learned a thing or two from these conversations! Vehicle owners tell us that keeping up with regular scheduled maintenance is the one thing that most find costly and inconvenient. They do understand how important this is to ensure safe and dependable transportation, but still find it hard not to feel this way. These conversations are what lead to the inspiration for our Lifetime program. We decided we could help our customers feel a little better about taking good care of their cars.

Our Lifetime program was designed to make the “expense and inconvenience” of regular vehicle maintenance as friendly and convenient as possible and save our customers some money! If we do our part and take care of them by saving time and money maintaining their car, we liked our chances that they will tell everyone about us. We looked at things this way …. it is the best advertising dollars we can spend. And we invest in the people who matter most – our Customers! And so, our Lifetime service program was born……

With a New/Used vehicle purchase our customer is automatically enrolled in our exclusive program that provides these benefits at NO CHARGE! It’s the way we do business.

Lifetime Oil Changes

Buying your next New/Used vehicle from us ensures that all your oil changes will be “on the house”!

Put another way…. Free!

Lifetime Tire Rotations

Replacing tires can be expensive, so we help extend their life by providing a complimentary tire rotation when you are in for an oil change. We don’t want you to spend money on new tires any sooner than you have to……we’re sure you could use that money for other things!

Lifetime Car Washes

The oil changes will keep your vehicles’ engine clean inside, but we’re going to go one step further! We’ll help you keep the outside of your vehicle clean as well! Just bring your vehicle by the dealership anytime we’re open and we will run it through our automated car wash. Yep, you guessed it, we’re not going to charge you a thing — all your car washes are “on the house”!

Lifetime Engine Guarantee

When you see a vehicle on our lot, our Factory/ASE certified technicians have checked it over and we have confirmed it is mechanically sound and meets our requirements to be offered for sale — to an employee family member or a stranger. One is as important as the other in our view. We know that we must stand behind what we sell ……. that’s just good business. It is how we have built our reputation. As part of our program we are now going to take this a step further than the typical dealership. As the old saying goes….

” We are going to put our money where our mouth is!”

New/Used vehicles purchased from us are provided a Lifetime Engine Guarantee. To enhance the value of the complimentary oil changes, periodically perform minimum levels of preventative maintenance on your vehicles’ fuel and cooling systems and we’ll stand behind the engine for as long as you own your car!

We are not here to sell you services you don’t need at prices that are not competitive. That is not how we do business. We are here to help you maintain your investment and manage your transportation costs by providing legitimate services at competitive pricing. Earlier we mentioned how expensive tires can be, well, so are vehicle engines! Service industry data consistently shows that the primary cause of vehicle engine failures is the lack of regular preventative maintenance on one or all of an engines’ oil, fuel, and cooling systems.

We want to do our part to help you avoid this potential expense…… and it starts by providing you with complimentary oil changes. If you see value in our Lifetime Engine Guarantee, you can take it from there and stay on top of the fuel and cooling system maintenance. Your choice either way. Regardless of what you decide, the oil changes are always complimentary. Our Service Team can explain all details and benefits as well as answer any questions you may have regarding these services. They will always keep you informed as your vehicle approaches the recommended mileage intervals of these services.

It’s that easy to have lifetime peace of mind when you buy and service with us.

Multi-point Vehicle Inspection

And finally, every time your vehicle is in for a complimentary oil change and tire rotation, we will also perform a multi-point vehicle inspection so we can keep you up to date on the overall condition of your car. Update you on things like brake pad measurements, fluid levels & condition, tire tread depths, condition of hoses & belts, etc. We don’t want you to be blindsided with an unexpected service bill or find yourself stranded along the side of the road because no one was paying attention. We want to be your dealership for life so we understand we are in this together. The fact of the matter is simple – vehicles require regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently, dependably, and safely. The sooner we both understand the overall condition of your vehicle each time it is in our shop, the better we can help you develop a plan to keep you on the road and help you manage your transportation dollars. This regular Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection allows us to do this. For us it’s never been about finding service work to sell you, but rather about performing the services and repairs you truly need and priced competitively to keep your ownership experience as affordable and hassle free as possible.

That’s our story……it’s why we do what we do. Thanks for allowing us an opportunity to share it with you.

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